Frustrated manDoes This Sound Familiar? 

"I don't have time to recruit and screen for new employees."

"I can't seem to find qualified people for the job!"

"I really need to upgrade my employee's skills."

"I just promoted several employees to supervisory positions.  Where can I get them some training?"

"I opened a new business in the area!  Can you help me with my workforce needs?"

We have Solutions!

The Workforce Solutions' Business Services Unit was designed from a business perspective - One Place, One Stop, to assist with all your workforce needs.Relaxed woman leaning on her computer

From placing job orders, recruiting applicants and gathering labor market information, to sustaining a productive workforce the Workforce Solutions' Business Services Unit helps businesses stay competitive.

Features Include:

  • Outplacement Services for employees affected by downsizing
  • Universal Job Applications & Resumes on behalf of your business
  • Recruitment & Pre-Screening for qualified job applicants
  • Match Qualified Applicants to job openings
  • Available Space for interviewing, meetings and training
  • On-Line Job Listings for local, state and national recruitment
  • Customized Training for new, expanding and existing businesses
  • Assessment Testing to test applicants for specific job skills & computer program knowledge

No Cost Services with Tax Incentives
Not only are our basic services available at no cost to you, there are
TAX Stack of $100 bills signifying profit potential in finding good employeesINCENTIVES available if you choose to hire from selected groups of harder to place workers.  Among the groups targeted are veterans, welfare recipients, disabled individuals, ex-offenders and at-risk youth.  These workers have valuable skills that will prove to be a strong asset for employers willing to take the initial risk and, if needed, spend the time to do on-the-job training.  We can even SUBSIDIZE employment in most situations. 

Let's Work Together!

Rapid Response Services
Our Rapid Response Services are designed for companies that anticipate, or are in the process of, laying off employees.  Rapid Response Services for dislocated workers can help speed re-entry into the workforce , and minimize the stress and disruption associated with job loss.  As a result, companies may save money on employment claims and engender goodwill from both laid-off and remaining employees.

Need more information on how the Workforce Solutions' Business Services Unit can assist you in building your business…     

Contact Gay Bruns, Business Services Unit Supervisor  at  Or call her at 361-578-0341.

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